No Falling Apart

We use the best materials and take extra care in doing the job right the first time to ensure your masonry work never falls apart in your lifetime, and lasts for generations to come. 

No Water Leakage

We take extra care and install extra safeguards to ensure you never have water leakage from your masonry.

No Cracks

We take special care to allow for the expansion and contraction of your masonry structures, given the wide ranging temperatures your masonry structures will encounter. In addition, we use reinforcements to prevent shifting that will causes cracking. 

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At Royal Masonry, we pride ourselves on providing the best workmanship in the cities we operate in, along with exceptional customer service. With each of our jobs we take a professional approach, standing behind our work each time. Contact us today!


new Commercial construction

If you are building a new commercial building we would be happy to look after the masonry work.

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Retaining walls

Doing some landscaping? We have abundant experience building retaining walls for landscaping purposes.

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Our repair and restoration is done with minimal disruption to your business and the highest quality work.

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specialty work

We also do fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, BBQ enclosures, decorative masonry, heritage home projects, and much more.

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Repointing is the process of renewing the external part of mortar joints to prevent water entrance into the building.

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about us

Want to know a little more about us? Read about our values, history, and how we approach our work.

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