Repointing Your Stonework In Kitchener - Waterloo

Repointing Your Stonework In Kitchener-Waterloo  

Does your building have stonework that requires repointing? In this post we will define stonework repointing, explain how to know if your masonry requires repointing,  and show why an experienced stonemason can help you. If your stonework or brickwork is in need of repointing, contact us today.

Definition of Repointing

Stonework and brickwork are held together by mortar. Over time mortar cracks, crumbles and breaks down, meaning that it will no longer effectively hold the stonework together. This allows water entry into the spaces between and behind the masonry. Repointing is the process of renewing the mortar or pointing between the stone or brickwork. Don't neglect damaged mortar as it can only lead to more expensive repairs later on.

Signs That Your Mortar Is In Need Of Repointing

The average lifespan of mortar is around 25 years. Bricks and Stone obviously last much longer. In order to determine whether your mortar requires repointing, a professional stonemason will examine your property's masonry for a number of clues. He will look for crumbling mortar, cracks in the mortar, cracks or space between the masonry and the mortar, spalling mortar (crumbling or flaking,) and mortar that has eroded more than 6mm. Regularly examining your property will allow you to be aware of any changes that are taking place and deal with them before they become a problem. Contact us at Royal Masonry if you are concerned about your mortar's condition.


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How A Professional Stonemason Can Help

A skilled stonemason will go through a series of steps to repair your masonry's mortar. After examining and identifying the damaged areas, he will chisel out the damaged mortar. Then, using a steel brush, he will remove any remaining debris from between the cracks. Using the correct mortar mix, he will load mortar onto a trowel and fill the crevices between the masonry. With a special pointing tool, he will push the mortar into the crevices and add more once the first batch has dried. Finally, he will brush any excess mortar of the masonry once the mortar has dried. Almost all repointing jobs can be done in a few hours or less, unless it is a very large project.

Listen to the following description of repointing from Audiopedia:

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