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7 Stunning Retaining Wall Ideas

We've searched the Internet and have come up with 7 stunning retaining wall ideas. The Kitchener - Waterloo region tends to be rather hilly and not very flat.  Retaining walls are therefore a very beneficial and great design feature for the sloped landscapes of this area. They beautifully prevent soil erosion and can also provide you with extra usable living, entertainment and gardening space. . If you would like to install a beautiful, long-lasting retaining wall, contact the experts at Royal Masonry today.

8 Absolutely Fabulous Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

We've created a list of some of the top outdoor fireplace designs we could find. From simple designs to elegant and expensive projects, we've got them.  After reading this post, you'll be inspired to warm up your patio or backyard with an awesome area to gather around in the evening with your friends and family. If you would like to have a beautiful custom outdoor fireplace constructed in your outdoor space, contact us at Royal Masonry. Our expert stonemasons can craft a unique masterpiece that will warm your hearts, bring your fireplace ideas to life, and add value to your home.

5 Great Ways To Use Flagstone To Give Your Home More Backyard Appeal

Would you like to add stunning backyard appeal to your property? Read on for a list of 5 flagstone projects which could transform a current retaining wall, walkway, patio, front entrance or staircase into eye popping attraction. These designs are sure to add immediate value to your home and make the neighbours sit up and take notice.   Contact the professionals at Royal Masonry today to discuss how we can help you get the curb appeal that you desire.

6 Sensational Designs With Stone

Designs with stone can be made into anything from secluded patio hideaways to romantic rustic walkways. Read on for a list of 6 sensational designs with stones ranging from those perfect for very small spaces to the much more elaborate for those who have room to spare.  Contact us at Royal Masonry to discuss stone design ideas for your property.

6 Steps To Creating a Great Backyard Entertainment Area

Backyard Entertainment Areas can expand your home's living area, and provide a great location for spending quality time with friends and family. Listed below are our 6 steps to creating a great backyard entertainment area. They include evaluating your outdoor space; deciding your priorities; envisaging how it will look; finding a professional stone mason; carrying out the project, and enjoying your space. Following these steps can assist you  to create a great outdoor entertainment area for your property. Contact us now to discuss your ideas.

How to Create Great Masonry Backyard Entertainment Areas

How to Create Great Masonry Backyard Entertainment Areas

As using our outdoor spaces becomes increasingly popular, we decided to write about the key elements to creating a great backyard entertainment area. Here we discuss a few of these including; patios; outdoor kitchens; fire pits; walls; and walkways. The right  combination of these elements can all come together to create a great outdoor entertainment area for your property. Contact us now to discuss your ideas.


7 Great Brick Walls for Gardens

7 Great Brick Walls for Gardens

Browse through our selection of 7 great brick wall ideas for gardens gathered from around the web. Garden walls can provide aesthetic appeal, security, places to relax, and more. They can be built with a variety of materials, and can very in size depending on your specific needs. If you see something here that inspires you, or have an idea of your own, contact us in the Kitchener - Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph areas for an estimate.

7 Amazing Masonry Designs

Homeowners can struggle to think of amazing masonry designs. That's why we put together this post - to provide homeowners with creative ideas for their own properties. For those who are interested in masonry designs, here are 7 of the best. Don't hesitate to contact us at Royal Masonry with your unique ideas.



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Idea #1   An Outdoor Fireplace

What a fabulous way to create a warm, inviting place outdoors. Perfect for those summer evenings or cool fall days. Imagine inviting your friends and families over to this relaxing retreat!

Idea #2   A Grass-Free Zone

Tired of cutting a lawn? Looking for a unique entranceway? Prefer shrubbery to flowers? Anchor Design has put together a yard with great curb appeal by mixing stone, gravel, and shrubs for low maintenance and high visual impact.

Idea #3  More Than OK Outdoor Kitchen

The phrase "outdoor kitchen" may have the initials "OK" but this one is far more than OK! Sitescapes has created a design that is thoroughly practical but outstandingly attractive - and that is not always an easy combination! Create a similar space on your patio and eat, greet, and be merry!

Idea #4  The Grand Entrance

Do you own a large property? Would you like to announce your presence in style with a grand entrance? Make a statement on your property with a grand entranceway like this one from Pacific Masonry Design! This inspiring flagstone wall will have everyone that passes by wondering how you did it (By contacting professional stone masons like Royal Masonry, of course)!

Idea #5 The Small Backyard With Big Appeal

OK, so not everyone has a large property. Maybe you want to create a visual masterpiece but only have a small space to work with. Check out this yard that successfully combines a flagstone patio with a brick wall and a flagstone waterfall/pond, artfully blended with a curvy lawn and stunning plants. That's a lot of appeal in a small space!

Idea #6  Patio Lanterns + Pool Party = Patio Perfection

It's hard to imagine how you could improve on this tastefully-lit patio and pool perfection. However, we dare you to try with your property! Host the perfect patio and pool party - nobody will want to leave - ever!

Idea #7  Heavenly Stairway

It may not be the "Stairway to Heaven," but we are sure even Led Zeppelin would agree that it is a heavenly stairway! If you have a sloping yard, a combination of stairs and retaining walls can help you to shape and control it. Flagstone is a wonderful material to use to accomplish this. Contact us at Royal Masonry to find out more about flagstone and its uses. 


If you need any inspiration for how to use brick, stone, or concrete to the best effect on your property, talk to us at Royal Masonry. We have decades of experience as stone masons and can help you to visualize how your property might look with your planned project. Most projects can be accomplished in a few days or less, and are built right the first time.