Restoration Ontario

What Does A Stone Mason Do?

Have you ever wondered what a stone mason actually does and how someone becomes a stone mason? In this post we will look at the ancient trade of stone masonry and answer both of those questions along with providing videos of actual stone masons at work. We also highlight one of Kitchener - Waterloo's top stone masonry companies, Royal Masonry, and show you examples of the excellent work that they do. If you require the services of a stone mason, contact the highly skilled professionals at Royal Masonry.

Top Masonry Contractors in Southern Ontario

Do you have a project that requires the expertise of a stonemason and are you wondering who are the best masonry contractors in Southern Ontario? We have compiled a list of the top 5 masonry service providers in Southern Ontario and have outlined what makes them the best. Our number one choice is Royal Masonry. If you are located in the Kitchener-Waterloo and are looking for an expert stonemason for a specific stone or brick project, contact the master craftsmen at Royal Masonry.

Buying An Older Home? 8 Thoughts To Consider About Building Restoration

Are you considering buying an older home? We have compiled 8 things that you should consider before attempting an older building restoration. These include are you prepared to live in an older home? Is it a Heritage Site? Do you have a budget for restoration? Have you got the right advice? Is there water damage? We will also advise you to start with the essentials repairs, don't neglect the updates and embrace your home's quirkiness.

If you are purchasing an older home that requires masonry restoration, the contact the professional stonemasons at Royal Masonry. We have proven years of experience in masonry restoration.

Heritage Restoration - What Is It And What Does It Involve?

A heritage restoration involves bringing a valuable piece of our history back to its original,or as close to its original, beauty and splendor as possible. In this post we will define what a heritage building and restoration is as well as the special guidelines and considerations when carrying this unique type of project.  A heritage restoration takes special skill and experience to complete correctly. Royal Masonry has that experience. If you are looking to restore the stonework on your heritage property, call the experts at Royal Masonry.