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6 Sensational Designs With Stone

Designs with stone can be made into anything from secluded patio hideaways to romantic rustic walkways. Read on for a list of 6 sensational designs with stones ranging from those perfect for very small spaces to the much more elaborate for those who have room to spare.  Contact us at Royal Masonry to discuss stone design ideas for your property.

3 Tips For Repointing Your Stonework Successfully

What advice do you need to consider before repointing your stonework? Our team of experts at Royal Masonry share 3 crucial tips to follow in order to successfully repoint the mortar in your brickwork. Call us at Royal Masonry for professional repointing.


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1   Examine Your Property Regularly

Does your property need repointing? There is no magic formula to determine if your property needs repointing. The best course of action is to simply take a close and thorough look at the brick or stonework on your property on a regular basis. A visual inspection will reveal those areas where the mortar is in need of repair. If you find cracked, broken, or missing sections of mortar, then repairs are in order. Determine what exactly needs to be repointed. Is it one area of a wall that needs to be repaired? Does an entire building need to be repointed? Are there retaining walls or garden walls that require work?  Read our post entitled "Repointing Stonework in Kitchener - Waterloo" for more advice.


2   Prepare Yourself - Investigate the Facts

What do you know about repointing? Not surprisingly, most property owners know very little about the art.  That's because it is a specialized skill, best handled by professional stonemasons. However, in order to ensure you get the best repairs possible, it is important that you do a little research so that you have at least a basic understanding of the rudiments of the skill. It would be helpful if you knew the definitions of the following keywords and phrases:

  • Repointing - The skill of replacing the "pointing" or external, visible mortar between blocks
  • Mortar - A workable paste used to bond together building blocks such as stone and brick
  • Stonemasonry - The skill of bonding together stones or bricks with mortar

3   Hire Professional Stonemasons

Repointing is an important factor in building maintenance, so don't trust your property to amateurs.  Search the internet for professional stonemasons in your area and check out their reviews. Ask your friends or business network for recommendations. Narrow your search to two or three candidates, call and ask them questions about their previous work, including references. If you are satisfied with their answers, arrange to meet them face to face and ask for a quote. Choose the best stonemason, (who may not have the lowest quoted price) and set a date for beginning the work. Read our post entitled, "How to Find a Professional Stonemason in Your Area."

Royal Masonry Knows Their Stuff!

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